Kitty Cones molded Ice cream ( 2nd attempt )
I need to use a thicker plastic to get a better seal, note the rough edges resulting from ice cream seeping thru the mold a little


Here you can see the MacGyver vacuum forming, you have to pull plastic out of oven very quickly as it cools and gets stiff very fast



These are the 3D printed sculpts cut in half to make both sides of the clamshell mold


My homemade vacuum form boxes. I forced myself to use whatever I had in the house or garage to make these and keep costs to a minimum.
The pvc pipe is where I attached my shop vac. A cardboard box worked great but found the first one I made was way too big. It made the excess plastic wrinkle around the sculpt.


I used a piece of scrap masonite for the top of the vacuum form box and drilled holes into it. The weather stripping on top helped for a better seal when I pressed the frame with stapled plastic over it after heating it in the oven.


Detail of molded plastic over sculpt


All the failed test shots of the plastic.

Here I clipped the two halves of the plastic clam shells, then left the bottom open so I could pour in the melted ice cream. Then it went off to the freezer. It took a few tries.

Lots of issues I didn’t even think of like the vanilla bean flakes floating to the bottom of the mold after I melted the ice cream.
If you look closely you can see the vanilla bean flakes at the top of Kitty’s head.
Need to make better quality molds and could probably use a more powerful shop vac, but not a bad start. More to come!